W3HZU Keystone VHF Club

Having Fun and Fellowship since 1955

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W3HZU Keystone VHF Club

Having Fun and Fellowship since 1955

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The Keystone VHF Club is a Fraternal and Technical organization dedicated to the support of Amateur Radio Operators in the Central Pennsylvania area. The club is not bound to geographic resrictions as members are spread through many states. We specialize in operation on the VHF and UHF range of frequencies, and add a good number of new Technician class licensees to the community through our VE Team efforts. Our clubhouse facilities are easily accessible. The club members are a friendly group and most of the on-air conversations occur on 2 meters. Don’t be shy. Pick up the mic and say “hello”.

Club Beacons

6m: 50.063 Mhz 10w @ 25 ft
2m: 144.292 200mw @ 60 ft
1.25cm: 222.070 200mw @ 60 ft
70cm: 432.310 200mw @ 60 ft
3cm: 10368.194 Mhz @ 60ft (Off Air)
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Club Repeaters

6m FM: 53.970Mhz, – offset, PL 127.3
AllstarLink Node: 27791
2m FM: 146.970Mhz, – offset
PL 123.0 (Main Site) | PL 127.3 (Dover Rx)
Echolink Node: W3HZU-R 9211
70cm FM 447.275Mhz – offset, PL 123.0
10m SSTV: 28.68Mhz USB – Burst 1477Hz
10m FM: 29.680Mhz, – offset, PL 123.0(Off Air)
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Club Nets

Monday’s @ 8:00 PM (146.97)
Keystone DIGITAL Net
Tuesday’s @ 7:00 PM (146.97)
Keystone ELMER Net
Tuesday’s @ 8:00 PM (Zoom)
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