W3HZU Packet Node

Packet node YORKPA:W3HZU operates on 145.010 MHz with FM modulation and standard 1200 baud packet tones.
W3HZU-1 is an internet connected BPQ Bulletin board system.
W3HZU-10 serves as the 2 meter WINLINK RF gateway for our region.
W3HZU-11 is a packet chat system connected to various nodes in the system.
The 145.010 Mhz packet network is predominately south of Harrisburg and extends to the EPA section.
The 145.030 Mhz “Underground” packet network is north of Harrisburg and extends to the WPA section.
Crossing from one RF network to another can be done though the BPQ system by using a linked node as shown below.

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