Using AllStar Link

• Repeater controller based on the Asterisk PBX
• Add-on module to Asterisk adds repeater functionality by HAMVOIP
• All RF is standard analog FM
• Control by DTMF codes
• Can be grafted onto almost any radio stack
• Create many links – scheduled, ad-hoc
• Supports Echolink on the repeater

First Rule of AllStar:
If you don’t want to interact with AllStar, then don’t. The repeater will work just fine without doing a thing.

Second Rule of Allstar:
Your normal FM radio works with AllStar – no special equipment needed. If you can talk on the repeater, you can use AllStar.

Basic Allstar Commands
AllStar adds and removes links based on DTMF commands starting with a * (star)

ALWAYS announce your DTMF dialing intentions with VOICE before performing the touch tones. “This is (my callsign) dialing node (x)”
*3(NODE) Connect a node
*1(NODE) Disconnect a node
*70 Announce all connected nodes
*76 Disconnect all nodes
*83 Read the Weather forecast for York County (UHF Repeater)

What’s a Node?
• It’s just a number, like a short telephone number
• It is NOT a DMR ID
• Most nodes are a five-digit number
• Newer AllStarLink numbering is an “extension” to your existing node rather than assigning new numbers
• 43211, 432111, 432112, etc…
• 46018, 460181,460188, etc…
• Look up nodes by callsign, location, etc. at
• See what is linked at
• Find nodes by location on the map at

Basic Operational Courtesy

• Avoid quick-keying. This is ALWAYS a good practice, but it’s much more important with network-connected nodes. When it is your turn to speak press your PTT, then take a deep breath and wait before speaking.
• Leave at least a second after you hear the telemetry tone of the last transmission before you key up.
• Repeaters will have different courtesy tone lengths and hangtimes.
• Listen before you transmit after linking – be courteous about interrupting an in-progress QSO on a remote system.
• Be smart about linking up a big Allstar network mesh or a busy net
• Always unlink when you’re done, and don’t link many big networks together through our repeaters.
• If you are using fldigi or other data modes on AllStar for any purpose, always disconnect from any nodes that are not participating by issuing an unlink all nodes DTMF *76

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New Club Website

Welcome to the new and improved W3HZU Club Website! Alex, KC3AWN has been hard at work through the month of November developing a new web experience for the club. Please check out all of the new functionality that the site has to offer. We would like to extend our thanks to Dan, K3TEF for his many years of service with managing the club website.

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