10 Meter SSTV Repeater

The 10 meter slow scan repeater consists of a Kenwood TS-570 locked at the calling frequency of 28.680Mhz USB.  The radio is connected to a PC running MMSSTV in repeater mode.  Any SSTV picture that the repeater hears will be received and posted to the website.  If a 1477Hz tone for 1.5 seconds precedes the SSTV image, the repeater will then re-transmit the picture in “SC2 60” mode after the picture is received in full.  The antenna is a vertical ground plane behind the clubhouse.


Live SSTV Cam 28.68Mhz USB

Repeater burst tone 1477Hz for 1.5s, then send after CW ID Images received at W3HZU will take a minute or so to process and appear here.